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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Mon Sep 22 23:19:54 PDT 2003

Hi Anderson Lizardo. You said the following on 09/23/03 05:16:
> news_archives.html (choose a better name): should be a non-automatically 
> generated file. Can contain some introductory text about what is the 
> News Archives, how they are generated, how to navigate through them, 
> etc. Should have a link to this file somewhere on the general 
> navigation menu. Inside it, there will be links to 
> news/{,lfs,blfs,alfs,hints}/index.html files.

I think we can suffice with a link to the proper 
news/{section}/index.html below each newssection on the newspages.
Eg. <a href="../news/{section}/">Read previous news items</a>
Saves us from adding a page, coming up with a proper name for it, and 
adjusting 96 files or so to fit it in the menu! :-)

> news/{,lfs,blfs,alfs,hints}/index.html: automatically generated. They 
> will look like the current 
> file.
> Thoughts?

Sounds good, go ahead :-)

Jeroen Coumans (jeroen at
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