Wiki integration

James Robertson jwrober at
Mon Sep 22 07:13:14 PDT 2003

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> Seems like a fine idea, I had some discussion with Bill about the same 
> thing. But before transfering pages to the Wiki, I first want to 
> customize the Wiki to show our stylesheet. Is this possible? I had some 
> bad experience with customizing Mailman, and Bugzilla isn't easy to 
> customize either (or rather, a whole lot of work).
> Also, I don't want any broken links. It caused major grief when we 
> launched the site and also when I redesigned the FAQ - 404.html is 
> currently the page which is served most. So this means that the Wiki 
> page or the original page need to get redirected (probably the latter).

Yea, I agree the wiki needs work first.  I do not know that much about 
the backend side of the tool.  Nicholas can probably help there.  Let me 
figure that out some on the side and then we can get back together 
tofigure out how to integrate it into the site with the mirrors and such.


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