nALFS on the ALFS home page

James Robertson jwrober at
Sun Sep 21 19:04:43 PDT 2003

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> Hi James Robertson. You said the following on 09/21/03 22:54:
>> On the left side bar:
>> * Pull all the implementations off the list.  Replace with a "Other 
>> Implementations" link that describes the other tools available and 
>> includes links to home pages and such.
>> * Change the "What is..." page to discuss the general nature of the 
>> ALFS project, but then go into a little more detail on nALFS's 
>> implementation and why it is the "official" one the LSB and LFS 
>> projects use.
> I'll have you write that :-)

No problem, I can write all the side pages.

>> * Add a roadmap link to the wiki page for it.  This goes with my other 
>> post about getting the wiki integrated more..
> Have a link for that already?

No, in progress.

>> We have a syntax doc that I want to get posted.  I need to get that 
>> setup on the server first with render scripts like what we have for 
>> the two books.
> Okay seems fine to. How about this:
> Project:
>     * ALFS News
>     * What is Automated Linux From Scratch?
>     * What is LSB? (some info about LSB, relationship with LFS/ALFS,
> links to their pages etc.)
>     * Roadmap
>     * DTD
>     * Read:
>     o User guide
>     o QA guide (maybe combine with userguide?)
>     o LSB guide (how to build the LSB SI)
>     o Other implementations (short description + link to them)
>     * Download:
>     o Stable (www/alfs/downloads/stable)
>         o Development (CVS) (www/alfs/downloads/cvs)
>     o LSB implementation (www/alfs/downloads/lsb)
> There are some unwritten docs here, which can be made as we go. I 
> suggest we work out the changes needed for the menu and I'll implement 
> it. The pages can be filled in over time. Good plan?

Yea, looking good.  I have a close but differnet idea for the menu:

	* ALFS News
	* What is Automated Linux From Scratch?
	* What is the LSB? (link to LSB pages?)
	* nALFS Roadmap
	* Read:
		* nALFS Users Guide (this is the syntax doc)
		* nALFS Developers Guide (includes the QA Guide, CVS Access, etc. Just 
like the editors guides)
		* LSB Guide (would we link to LSB page here?)
	* Other Implementations
	* Download nALFS:
		* nALFS Documentation (I don't know where, but a chunks version of the 
two books most recent version)
		* Stable
		* Older (or musuem, link the same as what we have for the books)
		* Development (CVS) (a page just like what we have for the books.  You 
have to pull from the repository by hand if you want cvs level code.)
	* LSB implementation (what is this?)

As I mentioned, I can write a lot of the stuff.  That is pretty easy.  I 
will need help on the LSB stuff is we don't link to their pages.  If we 
do link to their pages use the target="_blank" deal in the html to open 
a new window since it goes off site.


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