nALFS on the ALFS home page

James Robertson jwrober at
Sun Sep 21 13:54:50 PDT 2003

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> I think we should discuss some changes for the ALFS page. Seeing that 
> nALFS is now becoming the "official" ALFS, we should display it more 
> prominently like you said. I think we can put all implementations on one 
> page so it doesn't clutter the menu and take away the focus of nALFS. 
> What other pages do you want to add? A roadmap? Users guide? QA guide? 
> Send the docs to me (or point me to a link) and I'll add them.
> Also, feel free to fix any errors you see. Don't be afraid to screw up, 
> we have version control so we can revert to a working base.

Looks like we are on the same page.  What other discussions do you think 
we need?  Putting all of the implementations on one page is a good idea. 
  nALFS will be on the top I would guess with the others on down.  News 
on the main home page will be of a nALFS only nature, since the cvs logs 
will be from the project's commits.  I see the changes looking like this:

On the left side bar:

* Pull all the implementations off the list.  Replace with a "Other 
Implementations" link that describes the other tools available and 
includes links to home pages and such.

* Change the "What is..." page to discuss the general nature of the ALFS 
project, but then go into a little more detail on nALFS's implementation 
and why it is the "official" one the LSB and LFS projects use.

* Add a roadmap link to the wiki page for it.  This goes with my other 
post about getting the wiki integrated more..

We have a syntax doc that I want to get posted.  I need to get that 
setup on the server first with render scripts like what we have for the 
two books.


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