Images and CSS generating a lot of bandwidth

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Sun Sep 21 00:39:21 PDT 2003

Hi Craig Colton. You said the following on 09/21/03 02:31:
> Hah! I'm glad someone got me thinking. By turning off interlacing, I reduced 
> the BLFS banner from 73 to 55KB - quite significant. All of the logos are 
> interlaced (I guess I had my reasons) - I had no idea that this would add to 
> the size.
>  I think it would be pretty easy to convert all of these if we think this is a 
> good idea. I'm interested, because it'll probably make the logos load faster 
> on a slow connection. Give me a green light and I'll go ahead. 

Go ahead, as long as the quality is still acceptable.

> I can send you one to test if you like.

Sure :)

> Regards,
> Craig  

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