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  Add the LFS and BLFS FAQ questions to the general FAQ, with links pointing to the correct location.
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   	<li><a href="#missing-fm-project">The freshmeat project page doesn't exist.</a></li>
  +<h3>LFS FAQ:</h3>
  +<p>Note that these refer to a different page. For your convenience, the questions are included here with direct links to the answers.</p>
  +<h3><a href="../lfs/faq.html#fre">Frequently Requested Enhancements</a></h3>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#add-grub">Why not use GRUB instead of LILO?</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#why-not-new-lilo">Why not upgrade LILO to the latest version?</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#why-not-faq">Why not include the FAQ in the book?</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#why-vim">Why is vim in the book?</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#why-ed">Why is ed in the book?</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#why-not-package-management">Why isn't some package manager in the book?</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#no-poweroff">How do I make my machine poweroff when shut down?</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#kernel-header-copy">Why copy the kernel headers instead of linking them?</a></li>
  +<h3><a href="../lfs/faq.html#resources">When reading and building LFS</a></h3>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#what-dist">What distribution should I use to start from?</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#kernel-modules">How do I compile a kernel or set up modules?</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#gcc-warnings">Are compiler warnings from GCC bad?</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#dirty-sources">Do I need to keep the source after installing?</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#really-small">How do I make that really small install the book mentions?</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#alpha-fixes">Is there information about LFS on the Alpha?</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#cross-compile">How do I cross compile LFS?</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#dos-text">What's a DOS format text file?</a></li>
  +<h3><a href="../lfs/faq.html#generrors">General compilation errors</a></h3>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#gnu-patches">I used a patch from GNU to upgrade. Is that OK?</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#optimizations">When using optimization flags (setting CFLAGS)</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#config-hang-size_t">Why does configure hang at "checking for signed size_t type..."?</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#dirty-sources">I didn't delete the source tree after my last attempt. Do I need to?</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#perm-denied">I'm getting `/dev/null: Permission denied'</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#sig11">signal 11 (internal error: Segmentation fault)</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#any-no-such-file">No such file or directory</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#configure-no-such-file">bash: ./configure: No such file or directory</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#bad-interpreter-permission-denied">./configure: bad interpreter: Permission denied</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#conf-guess-fail">configure can't guess my host type.</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#config-not-gnu-c">checking whether we are using GNU C... no</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#cannot-find-lc">ld: cannot find -lc</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#where-ncurses-mandrake">Where's libncurses.a in Mandrake?</a></li>
  +<h3><a href="../lfs/faq.html#packerrors">Package-specific errors</a></h3>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#conflicting-gethostname">Bash: conflicting types for `gethostname'</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#yytext_ptr-undeclared">Modutils: lex.l:429: `yytext_ptr' undeclared"while building modutils</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#perl-missing-separator">Perl fails with "*** missing separator.  Stop."</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#unknown-pseudo-op-hidden">GCC: Error: Unknown pseudo-op: `.hidden'</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#no-linuxthreads">Glibc: "... it is normal to compile GNU libc with the `linuxthreads' add-on..."</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#asm-global-directive">Glibc: "cannot determine asm global directive".</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#glibc-no-ld_map">Glibc: " No such file or directory".</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#glibc-awk-fail">Glibc fails and mentions BEGIN and END.</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#sh-utils-getloadavg">Sh-tuils: "undefined reference to `getloadavg'".</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#cpp-fails-sanity-check">Ncurses: C++ preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check</a></li>
  +<h3><a href="../lfs/faq.html#confboot">Configuration and booting issues</a></h3>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#lilo-errors">What do those LILO errors mean?</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#unable-to-mount-root">Kernel panic: VFS: unable to mount root fs</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#respawning-too-fast">init: Id "1" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#net-pf-x">I'm getting errors about net-pf-?.</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#char-major-10-135">modprobe: Can't locate module char-major-10-135</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#no-dev-rtc">modprobe: Can't locate module /dev/rtc</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#eth0-unknown-interface">eth0:unknown interface</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#spurious-8259A-interrupt">spurious 8259A interrupt: IRQ14</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#f-hostname">My hostname is getting set to "-f"!</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../lfs/faq.html#less-prints-ad">Why does less (and therefore man) print <AD> instead of hyphens?</a></li>
  +<h3><a href="../blfs/faq.html#genblfs">General BLFS questions</a></h3>
  +	<li><a href="../blfs/faq.html#bootcd">How do I make a bootable CD?</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../blfs/faq.html#quake3">You LFSers play Quake?!?</a></li>
  +<h3><a href="../blfs/faq.html#compissues">Compilation issues</a></h3>
  +	<li><a href="../blfs/faq.html#gtk-2_0">I'm getting errors building a package that requires GTK+,but I've installed GTK+ 2.x.</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../blfs/faq.html#undefined-deflate">undefined reference to `deflate'</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../blfs/faq.html#missing-x-includes">X11/Xlib.h: No such file or directory</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../blfs/faq.html#gnome-versions">Any error while building part of Gnome</a></li>
  +<h3><a href="../blfs/faq.html#confissues">Configuration issues</a></h3>
  +	<li><a href="../blfs/faq.html#how-to-print">How do I print?</a></li>
  +	<li><a href="../blfs/faq.html#konsole-ps1">How do I set PS1 in Konsole?</a></li>
   <h4 id="intro">General information about these FAQ's</h4>

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