LFS Namespace aka LFSML Roadmap proposal

Guillaume LELARGE guillaume at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Sep 18 17:32:03 PDT 2003

Le Jeudi 18 Septembre 2003 18:02, Jeroen Coumans a écrit :
> [follow-up to website please]
Done :)

> Hi Guillaume LELARGE. You said the following on 09/18/03 21:53:
> > Can I say that I am really impressed by the work you did on the web site?
> > I'm actually translating it in french (a part time job with the LFS and
> > BLFS translations :), and the more I see the more I'm impressed. You
> > really did a great job.
> Thanks :) Good luck with translating it; it's kind of a moving target
> with all the changes.
Yes, I've seen you're quite a lot of changes. But the LFS and BLFS books are 
more time consumning these days.

> > This doesn't belong to lfs-dev, but would it be possible to add in the
> > CVS page that a french translation of the CVS book is almost always
> > available? And the same for BLFS?
> Sure, if you have a direct link for me? I briefly looked on fr.lfs.org
> and the CVS copies were pretty outdated - perhaps I looked on the wrong
> URL?
The LFS Book :
 - CVS: http://traduc.lfs.tuxfamily.org/view/lfs-cvs-fr/
I'm trying to finish LFS-5.0-pre1 tonight before going to sleep.

The BLFS Book :
 - CVS: http://traduc.lfs.tuxfamily.org/view/blfs-cvs-fr/
A bit outdated but not so much.

Perhaps you can add some text to notice that they could be not in sync.

> > I think I will have more questions to ask you about the website when I
> > will have more time to tale a look at the scripts (especially the CVS
> > changelog script).
> Go ahead.
I will need some time to think about it, but I sure will tell you if I need 
something. Thanks.

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