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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Thu Sep 18 01:45:19 PDT 2003

Hi James Robertson. You said the following on 09/18/03 05:22:
> How do I post new news to the ALFS home page?  We have some cool things 
> going on in there and I wanted it published.

Okay cool :) Until now ALFS's news page was static but I've just 
converted it to in conformance with the rest of the site.
Add news to alfs/news-2003.txt. Look at www/news-template.txt for the 
format. Note that the Id is optional, only use it when you have very 
long Title lines. Use relative linking so the mirrors work too.
Newspages and archives will be created automatically when runs.
Once ALFS has stabilized we should discuss how the ALFS website should 
be adjusted...

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