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>   <h2>Linux From Scratch V4.1 Hard Copy</h2>
>   	<p>We, the LFS team, are very excited to offer you a real book besides the customary online versions of the LFS book. The first edition of the printed book is available from April 28th, 2003. </p>

Technically correct, but several alternate phrasings "sound" more
natural. Instead of "besides", consider "as well as" or "along with" or
"as a companion to" and many other possibilities. Again, just as a more
common usage suggestion.


>   	<p>The Linux From Scratch project (<a href=""></a>) headed by Gerard Beekmans is just the ticket for those that want to take control of their own Linux distribution. Clearly Open has published the documentation for the Linux From Scratch project in a quality format. This printed format is handy to have while you work through your distribution.</p>

s/ headed by Gerard Beekmans/, headed by Gerard Beekmans,/


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