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  Added an LFS printing section. For now this file is copying hardcopy41.html, in time it will add information for the new print edition and errata. Minor adjustments to the stylesheet to tweak definition lists.
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  1.1                  www/lfs/print/index.html
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  <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">
  <html xmlns="" xml:lang="en">
  	<title>LFS - Printed LFS Book</title>
  	<meta name="description" content="Linux From Scratch - build your own Linux distribution from scratch" />
  	<meta name="keywords" content="Linux, LinuxFromScratch, Linux From Scratch, build your own Linux, DIY Linux, do-it-yourself Linux, create your own Linux" />
  	<meta name="MSSmartTagsPreventParsing" content="true" />
  	<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../../style/screen.css" media="screen" />
  	<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../../style/print.css" media="print" />
  	<link rel="icon" href="../../images/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" />
  <body id="body" class="lfs">
  <div id="header">
  	<ul id="sectionnav">
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  		<li><a href="../../blfs/news.html" accesskey="b"><span class="accesskey">B</span>eyond LFS</a></li>
  		<li><a href="../../alfs/news.html" accesskey="a"><span class="accesskey">A</span>utomated LFS</a></li>
  		<li><a href="../../hints/news.html" accesskey="h"><span class="accesskey">H</span>ints</a></li>
  	<h1><a href="../news.html" accesskey="l" title="LFS News page">Linux From Scratch</a></h1>
  	<h2><a href="../whatislfs.html">Your distro. Your rules.</a></h2>
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  	<div id="content">
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  <h2>Linux From Scratch V4.1 Hard Copy</h2>
  	<p>We, the LFS team, are very excited to offer you a real book besides the customary online versions of the LFS book. The first edition of the printed book is available from April 28th, 2003. </p>
  	<p>There has been an ever growing interest for folks to create their own custom Linux distribution.</p>
  	<p>The Linux From Scratch project (<a href=""></a>) headed by Gerard Beekmans is just the ticket for those that want to take control of their own Linux distribution. Clearly Open has published the documentation for the Linux From Scratch project in a quality format. This printed format is handy to have while you work through your distribution.</p>
  	<p>For up-to-date prices please follow the links below (choose the book or book+CD).</p>
  		<li><a href="">Clearly Open Linux From Scratch V.4.1 with Companion CD</a></li>
  		<li><a href="">Clearly Open Linux From Scratch V.4.1</a></li>
  		<address>CheapBytes * Suppliers of Great OpenSource Products<br />
  		E-mail: <a href=""></a> * Web: <a href=""></a> * Fax: 209-367-8518<br />
  		PO Box 2714 * Lodi * California * United States</address>
  </div> <!-- end content -->
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  		<li><a href="../news.html">LFS News</a></li>
  		<li><a href="../whatislfs.html" title="Introduction to LFS">What is Linux From Scratch?</a></li>
  		<li><a href="" title="Help us improve LFS by reporting bugs">Report a bug</a></li>	
  				<li><a href="../downloads/stable/" title="Download the latest stable LFS version">Current stable</a></li>
  				<li><a href="../downloads/test/" title="Test the next stable LFS version">Test version</a></li>
  				<li><a href="../downloads/cvs/" title="Dowload the latest CVS LFS version">Current CVS</a></li>
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  				<li><a href="" title="Download older versions">Previous Releases</a></li>
  				<li><a href="" title="Our development Wiki page">Developers Wiki</a></li>
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  				<li><a href="" title="Get counted!">Register as LFS user</a></li>
  				<li><a href="../../becomemirror.html" title="If you have some bandwidth to spare">Become a mirror</a></li>
  				<li><a href="../../patches/submit.html" title="Submit patches for LFS or BLFS">Submit patches</a></li>
  				<li><a href="../../acknowledgements.html" title="People from past and present who contributed">Acknowledgements</a></li>
  		<li><h3>Help and contact:</h3>
  				<li><a href="../faq.html" title="Frequently Asked Questions (and answers!)">LFS FAQ</a></li>
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  1.31      +4 -4      www/style/advanced.css
  Index: advanced.css
  RCS file: /home/cvsroot/www/style/advanced.css,v
  retrieving revision 1.30
  retrieving revision 1.31
  diff -u -r1.30 -r1.31
  --- advanced.css	16 Sep 2003 06:18:27 -0000	1.30
  +++ advanced.css	17 Sep 2003 23:22:31 -0000	1.31
  @@ -52,6 +52,7 @@
   td ul li { list-style-image: none; list-style-type: none; margin-left: -3em;}
   th { font-size: 116%; text-align: left; color:  #30a; font-family: "Trebuchet MS", "Arial Narrow", "Bitstream Vera Serif", "Lucida Serif", serif; padding: 0.2em 0.5em;}
  +dl { border: 1px solid #eef; background: #f8f8f8; }
   dt	{ font-weight: bold; margin: 0 0 0 2em;}
   dd	{ margin: 0 0 1em 4em;}
   dd p { margin: .5em 1em 0 0;}
  @@ -146,10 +147,9 @@
   #body.faq dd li { list-style-type: circle;}
   #body.root #footer, #footer { margin: 0 0 0 1em;} .pagenav p { padding: 0 0 .2em 1em; margin: 0 0 .5em 0; text-align: right; border-top: 2px solid #cdcdcd;} dl, #body.hints dl {margin: .33em 0 .33em 1em; padding:0; } dt, #body.hints dt  {float:left; display: inline; width: auto; font-size: 77%; font-weight: normal; margin: 0;padding:0;} dd, #body.hints dd  {clear: right; width:auto; font-size: 77%; font-weight: bold; margin:0;padding:0;} dl, #body.hints ul li dl {margin: .33em 0 .33em 1em; padding:0; } dt, #body.hints ul li  dt  {float:left; display: inline; width: auto; font-size: 77%; font-weight: normal; margin: 0;padding:0;} dd, #body.hints ul li  dd  {clear: right; width:auto; font-size: 77%; font-weight: bold; margin:0;padding:0;} ul.results li { border: 1px solid #cde; background: #eeefff; padding: 0.2em; margin: .2em }
  -#body.hints dl { border: 1px solid #eef; background: #f8f8f8; }
   #body.hints ul.results li { list-style-type: none; list-style-image: none;}
   #body.hints ul.results { margin: 0; padding: 0;}

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