LFS-5.0-PRE1 -- how are we going to deal with this on the website

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Sep 17 09:49:59 PDT 2003

Hi Gerard Beekmans. You said the following on 09/17/03 18:24:
> We need to add links to lfs-5.0-pre1 can be downloaded. It's not a
> stable one, not a CVS one either, so a third download/read option will
> have to appear. Maybe a category that's more generic than lfs-5.0-pre1,
> or maybe not.
> I'd like to release 5.0-pre1 tonight after dinner time (about 8 hours
> from now). I can make whatever changes are needed when I'm ready for it,
> just let me know how to make them. This should give you guys enough time
> to figure out the menu and where to fit it in.

Very good. I've just adjusted the menu to allow for test releases. It's 
between "Stable" and "CVS" under the download section, which IMHO is a 
logical place. You only have to adjust update-website.sh and you'll have 
to create an archive in www/lfs/downloads/test/

You can also create a viewable book in www/lfs/view/test allthough I 
don't have a link in the menu - we can put that link in the announcement.

This way we don't have to adjust the menu for every new version number 
and we differentiate enough between stable, test and CVS (so hopefully 
no more people who think RC1 is more up2date than final).

> Something else to consider: of course the release will go in the LFS
> News section. But what happens, just theoretically, if a lot of other
> news happens to come up? The pre1 announcement might get lost. Maybe we
> can change the policy slightly and keep a release announcement as the
> top item and just put other news underneath it. This way people will
> always be able to tell what the latest release actually is (since the
> menu no longer shows the version number). Even if the release took place
> a few months ago, it's still good to keep it on top.
> Does this sound good? Bad?

Yep sounds good, although a bit "patchy". Ideally I'd like a "latest 
test release" on above the fold (scrollbar so to speak), ala mozilla.org 
(Technology preview). I'll see what I can come up with.
For now it's no problem to keep the pre1 announcement on top, we'll just 
add other news underneath that. BTW feel free to add the announcement on 
the website yourself if I'm not around; you'll have to adjust 
www/lfs/news-2003.txt for that. Keep this exact format:


Title: News Title (must be unique in this file!)
Author: Author Name
Id: news_item_id (optional)

                 <p>The news item content goes here.</p>


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