script to dynamically generate the hints list

Olivier Pérès olivier.peres at
Mon Sep 15 10:52:36 PDT 2003

>  > All 4 fields can never be empty, if they are they will not be
>  > committed to the site.
> Can you take care of this? Thanks!

    I'm not quite sure who said what to whom. If you are asking me to change the 
script to conform to Tushar's last two messages, then remove the 
check_and_report function and the lines that call it, and also the line that 
computes a value for UNDATEDHINTS and the reference to it in the for loop. I 
don't have my Linux box right here, but I think the result should be:

-- beginning of file --


# Script to automatically generate a list of LFS hints
# by Olivier Pérès (Olivier Peres if your terminal cannot print accents)
# Modified by Jeroen Coumans to conform to the LFS template
# email: olivier dot peres at laposte dot net
# Last updated September 15th, 2003
# This version now expects the hint files to be valid
#   (fields DATE, AUTHOR, LICENSE and SYNOPSIS must not be empty)
#   since this is checked when hints are submitted.
# License: GPL.

# Usage: run in the hints/ subdirectory.

#   Limitations
#   ===========
# * hint file names must not contain colons, spaces, or any control characters.

# the file to which to write


function output
     # echoes its argument to OUTPUTFILE

     echo $1 >> $OUTPUTFILE

function htmlclean
     # replaces '<' and '>' with the corresponding entities so that they
     # can appear in documents (useful for the authors' email addresses).

     echo `echo $1 | sed -e 's/>/\>/' -e 's/</\</'`

# HINTS = list of all the files in reverse chronological order.
#         (sorted according to their DATE fields, not to the file ages)

DATEDHINTS=`grep -H "DATE:" downloads/files/* | sort -fbi -r -k3 -t: \
            | cut -f1 -d:`

# initialise output file

cat list-top.html > $OUTPUTFILE # The top of the list.

# write hints

     DATE=`echo \`grep -h "DATE:" $HINT | cut -f2 -d:\``
     SYNOPSIS=`echo \`grep -h "SYNOPSIS:" $HINT | cut -f2 -d:\``
     AUTHORS=`echo \`grep "AUTHOR:" $HINT | \
         cut -f2 -d: | sed 's/$/,/'\` | sed 's/,$//'`
     LICENSE=`echo \`grep -h "LICENSE:" $HINT | cut -f2 -d:\``

     output "<li><h4><a href=\"$HINT\" title=\"$HINT\">$SYNOPSIS</a></h4>"
     output "<dl>"
     output "<dt>Author(s):</dt>"
     output "<dd>`htmlclean "$AUTHORS"`</dd>"
     output "<dt>Date Last Updated:</dt>"
     output "<dd>$DATE</dd>"
     output "<dt>License:</dt>"
     output "<dd>$LICENSE</dd>"
     output "</dl>"
     output "</li>"

# finalise output file

cat list-bottom.html >> $OUTPUTFILE

-- end of file --


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