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  +Title: New Toolchain Editor
  +Author: Gerard Beekmans
  +Date: 2003/09/13
  +		<p>All welcome Greg on board as an official editor now with the emphasis on the toolchain sections of the book. Appropriately he'll now be referred to as the Toolchain Editor and no longer as Greg Schafer ;)</p>
  +		<p>Greg is of a long-time contributor to LFS and was especially inspired by a comment from Linux-guru Alan Cox which criticized the LFS toolchain. Greg has since then worked very hard to create a proper toolchain for LFS, which resulted in the pure_lfs hint. This hint radically changed the way to build an LFS system, but which was found significantly better then the previous method. It has since been incorporated in the LFS book and will appear in LFS 5.0, which will soon come out.</p>
  +		<p>Greg's work didn't stop stop after the pure_lfs hint, and he continues to amaze the LFS community with his <a href="">eye for detail</a> when it concerns the toolchain. We hope his work will continue to be of this excellent quality and that it will continue to inspire the rest of us.</p>
  +		<p>Congratulations can be read on <a href="">lfs-dev</a></p>
   Title: LFS 5.0 revised timeline
   Author: Gerard Beekmans
   Date: 2003/09/10

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