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James Robertson jwrober at
Thu Sep 11 13:36:13 PDT 2003

Hi all,

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Since we are *actually* using the wiki now, I wanted to pull some of the 
"see how we can use this" text off of the homepage and create a new one. 
  Along with this, I wanted to create a little better structure of links 
to make finding stuff easier.  Here is a proposed structure.

Home Page - An introduction to the wiki, why we use it etc.

	+ Development
		+ Roadmap
		+ Bugzilla
		+ Editor's Guide (in work)
		+ Objectives
		+ Policy
		+ Strategy
		+ Tactics
		+ CVS
	+ Book Package Notes
		+ All the packages (what is shown on the LFS page now)
	+ Testsuite Notes - This is the page taked about on lfs-dev for folks 
to post info on testsuite results.
	+ CVS
		+ CVS Tutotrial
		+ CVS Policies

Thw whole idea behind the change is to go along with the website.  It is 
very nice and professional looking.  I personally do not want the wiki 
to look like a trash heap.

Comments welcome (to lfs-dev).


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