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   		<li><a href="">Bill Maltby</a> for LFS Leadership/Organizational team.</li>
   		<li><a href="">Alex Groenewoud</a> for editing the LFS book.</li>
   		<li><a href="">Jeremy Utley</a> for editing the LFS book and maintaining Bugzilla.</li>
  -		<li><a href="">Matthew Burgess for editing the LFS book and being the General Package Maintainer</li>
  +		<li><a href="">Matthew Burgess</a> for editing the LFS book and being the General Package Maintainer</li>
   		<li><a href="">Greg Schafer</a> for being the LFS Toolchain Maintainer.</li>
   		<li><a href="">Ryan Oliver</a> for being the Testing Team Coordinator.</li>
   		<li><a href="">Larry Lawrence</a> for leading the BLFS project.</li>
  @@ -55,7 +55,9 @@
   		<li><a href="">Jeroen Coumans</a> for creating the website and maintaining the FAQ.</li>
   		<li><a href="">Anderson Lizardo</a> for creating and maintaining the website's backend scripts.</li>
   		<li><a href="">Craig Colton</a> for creating the new LFS, ALFS, BLFS and Hints logos.</li>
  -		<li><a href="">James Robertson</a> for maintaining Bugzilla and the Wiki</li>
  +		<li><a href="">James Robertson</a> for maintaining Bugzilla and the Wiki.</li>
  +		<li><a href="">Nicholas Leippe</a> for maintaining the Wiki.</li>
  +		<li><a href="">James Iwanek</a> for being on the System Administration Team.</li>
   		<li><a href="">Scot Mc Pherson</a> for maintaining the LFS NNTP gateway.</li>
   		<li>Robert Briggs for donating the and domain names</li>
   		<li>Countless other people on the various LFS and BLFS mailinglists who are making this book happen by giving their suggestions, testing the book and submitting bug reports, instructions and their experiences with installing various packages.</li>
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  @@ -183,7 +183,7 @@
   			<p>If this is your first time building LFS, using a version not in the book or varying from the book in any way is not a good idea. The IRC channel regulars have a saying, "FBBG". As rms, the resident bot, is quick to say, this means, "Follow Book, Book Good." They and the people on the lists have helped many an unhappy newbie who deviated from the book during that first build.</p>
   			<p>Once you've built a system "by the book", you have a stable knowledge base from which to experiment to your heart's content (or pain, as is often the case.)</p>
  -			<p>If you'd like to experiment then check out <a href="">Matthew Burgess's notes</a> about using the latest versions in LFS CVS.</p>
  +			<p>If you'd like to experiment then check out <a href="">the Wiki page</a> about using the latest versions.</p>
   	<dt id="new-version">There's a new version of package Foo.</dt>

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