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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Wed Sep 10 10:17:49 PDT 2003

Hi guys,

Wiki has been moved over (see lfs-dev post earlier today) and was
running in and even worked,
how about that (it's gone now, moving to permanent home).

I'm not putting the files in /home/httpd/ because it
shouldn't get mirrored. Sure, exclude things can be added to
/etc/rsyncd.conf but I can't be bothered now. A slip up and the password
info is out everywhere.

I also didn't opt for having it accessed through an Apache alias as that
will break mirrors who will become part of the Round Robin DNS stuff.
So, we got ourselves a full-fledged wiki subdomain

I'm having some problems with the Apache setup to create nice URLs like and what not. It works nicely on SourceForge but
I can't get it to work on our server, something to do with us using
apache-2 I believe. 

Website guys: pleaes add a link somewhere to the (new) wiki located at

Gerard Beekmans

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