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  Added the LFS package to LFS news. Added installwatch to the orphaned hints.
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   			<li><a href="downloads/files/devfs.txt">devfs.txt</a> and <a href="downloads/files/devfsd.txt">devfsd.txt</a> - should be merged into one hint</li>
   			<li><a href="downloads/files/bsd-init.txt">bsd-init.txt</a></li>
   			<li><a href="downloads/files/xmail.txt">xmail.txt</a></li>
  +			<li><a href="downloads/files/installwatch.txt">installwatch.txt</a></li>
   <h3>Wish List</h3>
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   Section: lfs
  +Title: LFS Package Freeze, Bison Notes
  +Author: Gerard Beekmans
  +Date: 2003/09/10
  +		<p>First off, LFS is now in a package freeze so the testing and qa teams can start doing their testing and qa work on what's in CVS at the moment. Per usual, only changes to installation instructions are made if they fix serious bugs. Textual changes can be made unrestricted of course as they don't affect the actual outcome of the system.
  +		<p>The one package item remaining is Bison. It so seems there are 5 ways to fix the problem if I read Tushar's email correctly (to lfs-book last night I believe). One of them was the most simple: downgrade Bison to version 1.75. This will help out BLFS as OpenOffice will compile properly without jumping through hoops.</p>
  +		<p>Are there any packages that will _not_ compile with Bison-1.75 and require the newer version we use right now (1.875)? If nothing actually required 1.875 then it seems to make a lot more sense to use 1.75 again. Sure, newer versions are nice and all but if it doesn't add real value and just brings problems and requires a patch or two, then I don't see the point myself.</p>
  +		<p>So here is where the testing team comes in: Take into account that the book will downgrade to bison-1.75 inspite of the current package freeze. Please do a test build or two with the old Bison even though it's not in the book yet and report back anything you find. If you can compile OpenOffice as well, that would be great too.</p>
  +		<p>More details are in the thread at <a href="">lfs-dev</a>.</p>
   Title: Roadmap
   Author: James Robertson

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