8MB linux/apache server, what about this

Nick dok92 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 9 00:31:23 PDT 2003

pc3700 ddr ram has a throughput of 3.7GBps, much
faster that ide and scsi (133MBps, ?). so if you
loaded the entire linux, apache, everything plus the
content into ram and served everything from it, with
some highspeed nics, you could serve up websites
really REALLY fast for really cheap

this theoretical system could have:
power supply, case, motheboard, 1-3GB ram, cdrom, some
fast nics
entire image is loaded into mem from cd on boot and
server is up, boot time should be less than a minute, 

this same system could be used as a firewall or router
and would need less memory. 

case 50
mb 100
mem 300
cd 50
nics 100

so a reliable REALLY REALLY fast webserver, firewall,
router, etc server could be had for 600, or less!

i thought this was a neat idea

dok92 at yahoo.com

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