Hints for adoption (To be added to the website)

Tushar Teredesai tushar at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Sep 8 23:05:16 PDT 2003

Jeroen Coumans wrote:

> Hi Tushar Teredesai. You said the following on 09/09/03 07:40:
>>    *   bootcd (could probably be merged with boot-cd_easy?)
>>    * devfs and devfsd (should be merged into a single hint)
>>    * bsd-init
> Added them to the list. Got some questions though:
> * will you move these into a subdirectory on the hints section? eg. 
> downloads/files/orphan/
> * when are you going to move all current hints to old_format?

I am currently doing that locally, once all hints are moved to the 
proper OLD/ or PREVIOUS_FORMAT/, I will make a huge commit and then 
start adding new hints.

I have not given thought to what to do for the hints that are orphaned. 
We could just leave the hint in the place where the hint would normally 
be if it is maintained (i.e. in downloads/files for hints in the new 
format and downloads/files/PREVIOUS_FORMAT for hints in old format). 
There is no need to create a seperate directory coz just because the 
hint is not currently maintained does not mean that it is not currently 
relevant. In moving them back and forth in cvs, we loose the version 
info (AFAIK).

Tushar Teredesai

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