Link to CVS book snapshot is broken

Andrew Fyfe a.fyfe at
Sat Sep 6 07:42:31 PDT 2003

Jeroen Coumans wrote:

> Hi Andrew Fyfe. You said the following on 09/06/03 16:01:
>> The link on /lfs/cvs.html for the CVS snapshot points to 
>> /lfs/view/cvs/ (dated 20030603), but the latest version is being 
>> stored in /view/cvs/. I guess the script to generate the book hasn't 
>> been updated.
> I just checked and 
> and they both work. The first 
> one is the link in cvs.html, which is the most "correct" one, since the 
> latter is a compatibility symlink.
> Also the CVS version which I saw was 20030904 which leads me to believe 
> you were watching either your browsers' cache or a mirror which hasn't 
> been updated yet. Can you verify please?

It's working now, must remeber to clear my browser cache a bit more often :)

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