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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Sep 6 05:58:17 PDT 2003

Hi Tushar Teredesai. You said the following on 09/06/03 07:17:
> Attached is a patch to the current webpage. It removes one file 
> (acknowledgements.html) and adds one file (sample-hint.txt).

Applied, thanks :)

> In addition, I recommend making the left menu items are follows. I was 
> planning to change it in the files, but since you mentioned that your 
> html editor is fancier than mine (vi) in changing multiple files, I will 
> just mention the structure here.

(I use Bluefish and sometimes Kate)

>    Project
>        News (news.html)
>        Overview (whatarehints.html)
>        Submission Guidelines (submit.html)
>        Adopt a Hint (adoptahint.html)
>        Read Hints (list.html)
>    Downloads
>        Attachments (hints.lfs.org/downloads/attachments)
>        Individual Hints (hints.lfs.org/downloads/files) -> Read Hints
>        will finally link here.

Two comments on this:

- you can use hints.lfs.org if you prefer but I will link it on 
www.lfs.org because the former is redirected to the latter (the 
subdomain issue, remember?)

- Is it necessary to change the location of all hints again? I'm gonna 
keep it on lfs.org/hints/files/ and add lfs.org/hints/files/attachments/ 
  instead. I don't want people to revise their bookmarks again and this 
scheme also makes the creation of the hints tarball easier - I strongly 
recommend you keep that one, btw., I found it invaluable when I started 
with LFS and the hints.

> Also, every nite (or whenever the website is updated) I would like to do 
> an export of a CVS repository to hints.lfs.org/downloads/files/ and once 
> that is done a script goes thru all the hint files and generates a 
> list.html (format mentioned below). Can you put this on the 2Do List?

Sure thing, I've added it to website.html#todo and commented out the 
complete list in list.html.

> I finally browsed around the website. You have done a wonderful job. 
> Congrats on giving the site such a huge upgrade.

Thanks :)

Jeroen Coumans (jeroen at linuxfromscratch.org)
FAQ and Website Maintainer

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