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Tushar Teredesai tushar at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Sep 5 22:17:47 PDT 2003

Attached is a patch to the current webpage. It removes one file 
(acknowledgements.html) and adds one file (sample-hint.txt).

In addition, I recommend making the left menu items are follows. I was 
planning to change it in the files, but since you mentioned that your 
html editor is fancier than mine (vi) in changing multiple files, I will 
just mention the structure here.


        News (news.html)
        Overview (whatarehints.html)
        Submission Guidelines (submit.html)
        Adopt a Hint (adoptahint.html)
        Read Hints (list.html)


        Attachments (hints.lfs.org/downloads/attachments)
        Individual Hints (hints.lfs.org/downloads/files) -> Read Hints
        will finally link here.

Also, every nite (or whenever the website is updated) I would like to do 
an export of a CVS repository to hints.lfs.org/downloads/files/ and once 
that is done a script goes thru all the hint files and generates a 
list.html (format mentioned below). Can you put this on the 2Do List?

The format for each hint entry in the list.html is as follows (the html 
tags are just for reference, they may be replaced for more appropriate 

    title="hint_file.txt">The synopsis line from the hint file.</a><br>
    <b>Author(s):</b> All Author lines from the hint seperated by
    <b>Date Last Updated:</b> Date Last updated picked from the hint
    <i>License:</i> License Line from the hint file.</li>

The hints should be sorted in the reverse order based on the Date Last 
Updated, so newest hints would go at the top. The script only needs to 
index the hints that are in the root directory (downloads/files) and 
should ignore any subdirectories.

I finally browsed around the website. You have done a wonderful job. 
Congrats on giving the site such a huge upgrade.

Tushar Teredesai

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