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Thu Sep 4 10:32:06 PDT 2003

Hi Bill's LFS Login. You said the following on 09/04/03 17:34:
> On Thu, 4 Sep 2003, Jeroen Coumans wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>As you are probably aware, I've designed a new website for LFS! We just
>>launched it so check it out!
> *AWESOME*! As you know, I have followed your progress fairly closely.
> But I had not actually gone much to the site since Anderson's (and
> Rob's?) scripts had begun to "do their magic".
> I *love* the news, the ability to see the cvs history, the whole
> shootin' match.
> I have not been looking with a critical eye, but I must say the work you
> and your cohorts have done is really quite impressive.

Thanks :)

> The only thing I see ATM that needs attention is British vs. American
> English spelling. I hadn't noticed before, for instance, "organisation"
> (British spelling) is "organization" in Amer. English.

I'm only mildly aware of the differences between the two types of 
spelling, so I rely on the likes of you to point them out :)

> I suppose, for consistency, a good spell check run will be needed. After
> being on the list for just a short time, they all look good!
> Anyway, kudos, kudos!
> I presume BLFS is working towards compatability?

You mean with updating the links in the BLFS book? Hm, dunno, might 
wanna ping Larry for that.

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