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Daniel Brewer dan_list at brewer.me.uk
Thu Sep 4 07:12:20 PDT 2003

The LFS packages I downloaded was from the Belgian mirror the other all 
in one tarball
  link (ftp://hurricane.jutley.org/lfs-packages-4.1.tar) does not seem 
to work at the moment.  I
  have been trying to get the LFS packages off edonkey but that ain't 
working either.

Hmmmm.  Anyway A new LFS package set will be needed soon so we can sort 
out the
one package then.

If there is anything else that you would like shared on edonkey (LFS 
related :) ) then
just say.

Sorry for starting new threads but I am not part of the list at the 


Dan Brewer

LFS ID: 5309

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