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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Sep 4 05:37:43 PDT 2003

Hi Daniel Brewer. You said the following on 09/04/03 12:07:
> OK these are the edonkey links I have for the LFS files
> Utley LFS boot CD:
> ed2k://|file|LFS-bootcd- 
> utley.iso.bz2|187841576|cbe2f1106438c97d6c562c207e7cbcac|
> Lingard LFS boot CD:
> ed2k://|file|LFS-bootcd- 
> lingard.iso.bz2|213813995|7ddc5dccf1f72c04f5ed6f7737d63269|
> LFS 4.1 tarball:
> ed2k://|file|lfs-packages- 
> 4.1.tar|104919040|b65cf3e45cb7d43448e427ee12487504|
> I know the last one is different from the one published on the site. 
> Do not know why that is.  May be because I am on a Mac or something.   
> Anyway the files are going into my shared folder so share away!

No apparantly there are two packages for 4.1 tarball allthough I don't 
know the difference between the two (I only have one available).
I'll add your other links, thanks! Not sure yet what to do with the 4.1 
tarball; maybe you could try fetching it from one of the HTTP or FTP 

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