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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Thu Sep 4 05:29:23 PDT 2003

Hi Daniel Brewer. You said the following on 09/04/03 10:49:
> Great website I like it a lot.  A couple of things though:
> 1) When I get the RSS feeds all the headings end with a  </a>
> 2) Going to and  clicking on 
> September under LFS-specific news gives a page not found.
> 3) Can you give me the edonkey links for all the LFS files so I can get 
> them.  Note I have been trying to download the LFS 4.1 packages but they 
> do not seem to come (after about 4 days!).

1) Yeah, I've CC'ed Rob Park (waves hi), he created the script which 
generates the RSS feeds. Since the format for news has altered slightly, 
the RSS' are a bit mungled. I hope he has (time/interest to find) a 
solution :)

2) Yup, there hasn't been any LFS-specific news for september. The news/ 
isn't meant for direct browsing (yet), there aren't any links directly 
to it so it's only a problem for the overly curious who browse by domain 
name instead of hyperlinks :)
3) See other thread

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