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Wed Sep 3 08:51:58 PDT 2003

Hi Tushar Teredesai. You said the following on 09/03/03 16:43:
> Based on the recent discussion started by DJ Lucas, I think the plan is 
> to host all the patches on patches.lfs.

Ok. Let's do it this way, which I think is better:
host patches for the LFS/BLFS books like this:{b}lfs-stable/{b}lfs-cvs/

Maintaining patches in these directories can be handled with symlinks to 
the original location, Gerard recently enabled this on the server.

I will add a link in LFS, BLFS and Hints under the Download section to{hints,{b}lfs-stable}/ and 
add a link for CVS on the CVS information page. How's that?

>> Also, if the page gets too big, we could split it up. The download 
>> frontend (table) should probably get it's own page. Allthough that 
>> wont be a worry untill the scripts which create this table have 
>> actually written :) 
> It is much easier to download patches in its current form. The main 
> thing people are interested in is "What patches are available for 
> package X?" which is solved by the current structure. The other thing 
> they are interested in is "Which patches have been added recently?" 
> which is solved by the CVS changelog. That's the reason I commented out 
> that part about creating a script.

Ok that's fine by me. I'll remove it completely from the page then.

> You could test them out on server. Once the official site is 
> launced, you have as your playground :)

Maybe for the next summer holiday :)

>> Multi-file editing with search and replace can do what SSI do too so 
>> I've never bothered. I'm not opposed to the idea but ATM it's more 
>> work for me then my current method.
> I brought up the point because the left index table is out of sync for 
> the hints pages. Thought I should inquire before submitting a patch.

Ah yes - that list /should/ be generated automatically. Untill then, 
we'll need to patch it everytime you add a hint. Can you whip up a patch 
(or tell me which hints need to be added)?

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