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>   +		<p>Each section of lfs, blfs, hints and alfs have a news page. These should reflect the most current state of development which includes Bugzilla status, CVS commit logs and important maillinglist discssions. The result is useful as a development overview and reference point, both for the LFS team and for outside users. Currently the only thing missing are the Bugzilla messages:</p>



>   +		<p>Got some usefull replies from the Bugzilla developers; it seems that <a href=""></a> is usually used for this (described in <a href="">bug 185090</a>). This script should at least be edited so it spits out content which we can use, similar to the solution we've devised for</p>



>   +				<dd>We should use <a href="search.html">this page</a>. which is a matter of copying it to the search domain directory and symlinking some stuff. We need more search options, mainly the ability to search specific mailing lists and a way to specify a date range.

s/this page</a>. which/this page</a>, which/


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