Get ready for the new LFS website!

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Mon Sep 1 11:05:55 PDT 2003

(Follow-ups probably to the website list, allthough lfs-chat is okay too.)

Thanks to Anderson Lizardo's great work we're getting ready for the new 
website launch! The LFS server needs some adjusting for the news 
archiving, this will be done tomorrow.
This means that hopefully, Gerard and I will be able to launch the site 
by wednesday! Anyways, I've frozen the current online copy; it won't be 
updated untill site launch. (note that CVS is still active; I'm 
currently importing the news archiving bits)

Anyways, these will be your last days to make sure the site works in 
your favorite browser. Please read, it contains a table of 
known browser issues, the todo list and the changelog. I've put up some 
screenshots at 
so you can compare how it looks in your browser. Mail any bugs to the 
website list please!

Be aware that not everything on the todo is yet implemented, allthough 
news archives will be available when the site launches. Most 
importantly, there hasn't been a decision on the new logo *yet* 
allthough it will probably be decided pretty soon so submit your logo 
ASAP ( I'm 
working on the templates for Bugzilla and Mailman so they should be 
available some time soon. There is nobody yet working on the Bugzilla 
script so if you feel like contributing; this is your chance! :)

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