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  Title: Team Coordinators
  Author: Gerard Beekmans
  Date: 2003/08/25
  Id: teamcoordinators
  		<p>I've had the chance to talk to everybody I wanted to and here's the outcome of who will be doing what. I imagine this will be in a state of flux as more people decide to jump on board later down the road. That's all good of course, so don't see this as set in stone, just a place to start off from with people who are interested right now.</p>
  			<li> (Organizational team): Gerard Beekmans, Bill Maltby</li>
  			<li>LFS Testing Team: Ryan Oliver</li>
  			<li>LFS Quality Assurance: Bruce Dubbs</li>
  			<li>LFS Editorial Team: Gerard Beekmans</li>
  			<li>Bugzilla Maintainers: James Robertson, Jeremy Utley</li>
  			<li>CVS Maintainer: Vacant. I'll fill the role for now</li>
  		<p>I've also gotten quite a few emails from people who like to join these teams. It'll be up to the team coordinators to start writen some rudimentary documentation asap that quickly outlines what will be done under the banner of a team, how it's done and more of that. These guidelines will also be in a state of flux I imagine, so I don't expect any long essays. Let that stuff evolve over time and concentrate on the actual work to be done, not on documenting everything. Others can do that for you (there's the team who can help out there and other people like Richard Downing who can help out with such documentation needs).</p>
  		<p>Anything I've forgotten that should be dealt with (team wise)?</p>
  		<p><a href="">Follow or discuss this item</a></p>
  Title: Nominations again
  Author: Gerard Beekmans
  Date: 2003/08/19
  Id: nominations
  		<p>Okay, I know some of you don't like the way I'm doing the nominations. Maybe foolishly I thought since it worked very well for Seth with regards to the FAQ that it might work for LFS as a whole as well. Seeing the fact I've only gotten nominations from 9 people so far, I'm beginning to think people don't care about who will be chosen, or nobody is nominating because they don't like the way I'm doing it and are trying to make a point. Whatever the cause might be, I will of course take those 9 people into consideration, but will probably have to pick a team of people by myself. People who have been away and haven't had the chance to do anything yet, I'm not speaking to you, so don't take offense.</p>
  		<p>For the record I'd like to tell you guys that I don't want to hear complaints about the fact that the community was not involved in selecting the coordinators and that I'm being selfish, still want to do things on my own and can't let go, etc (yes these are all things I've heard before in recent weeks and I'm anticipating hearing them again. I'd rather not though, it doesn't serve a purpose anymore).</p>
  		<p>If you want your opinion to count, get your emails in by tomorrow morning.</p>
  Title: Organisation structure
  Author: Gerard Beekmans
  Date: 2003/08/12
  Id: organisationstructure
  		<p>I have that list of teams and inter-relationships drawn out. When you look at it, it's not much yet. Let me show the chart, then some comments I have about it.</p>
  			<li>LFS - Gerard
  				<li>Testing Team - Vacant</li>
  				<li>Quality Control Team - Vacant</li>
  				<li>Editorial Team - Vacant</li>
  			<li>BLFS  - Larry
  				<li>Testing Team - Vacant</li>
  				<li>Quality Control - Vacant</li>
  				<li>Editorial Team - Vacant</li>
  			<li>ALFS	- Special case, no real management going on here</li>
  			<li>Hints	- Tushar</li>
  			<li>Patches - Tushar</li>
  			<li>FAQ	- Jeroen</li>
  			<li>Websites - Jeroen</li>
  			<li>Bugzilla Database Maintainer - Vacant</li>
  			<li>System Adminstration Team - Gerard</li>
  		<p>I've called the toplevel rather than LFS so we don't confuse it with the LFS beneath it which relates to LFS as a sub-project, not the entire project that encompasses everything.</p>
  		<p>You see my name a few times in places where it probably shouldn't. And there are some vacancies. Don't worry or get hung up on names. I'm just looking for a finalized structure. We can figure out the "who does what" part afterwards. This is basically how things stand today, be it good or bad, or non-existing, that's all.</p>
  		<p>We've talked about a Leadership Team, which is not evident here. I couldn't figure out how to properly place that, so I left it out. In a way is the Leadership Team. The people who are part of this team take care of the entire LFS project, making sure all the sub-projects (LFS, BLFS, Hints, etc) are functioning properly.</p>
  		<p>As to who belongs to that team, we can go two ways:</p>
  		<p>1) Leadership team consists of its own group of people. I suppose it can be compared to a Board of Directors within a real company.</p>
  		<p>However, I don't think that extra level of people/separation is necessary, so I propose:</p>
  		<p>2) Leadershipo team consists of people who run a sub-project. This means, that me, Tushar, Larry and Jeroen would currenctly be part of this team, as well as a number of other people like Richard for instance. The only "bad" thing about this setup is a possible conflict of interests as it's put so nicely in the corporate world. I don't think that is something we have to worry about, it just saves that extra level of abstraction. </p> 
  		<p>So, think it through for a while and comment on it, point out missing teams or bring up new ones that would be beneficial. Sometime tomorrow this will be copied into the wiki too. I thought about starting in the wiki, but I prefer a discussion on this list, rather than a string of comments on the web page.</p>
  		<p>And while you're thinking, give some thought as to who you think would be a good person to fill vacancies.</p>
  		<p>This mail is archived in the <a href="">lfs-dev mailing list</a>.</p>
  Title: Let's come right out - who wants in, who wants out
  Author: Gerard Beekmans
  Date: 2003/08/12
  Id: whosin
  		<p>Instead of bickering about the past and whether or not I'm an incapable leader, maybe we can be more productive instead. We can argue until we're blue in the face, the only way for me to prove myself that I think I can be a capable leader is just to show it and see if the plan I had in mind works, or not. If not, that proves enough. If it does work, it also proves enough. Also how badly past contributors have been treated isn't productive, really, other than keep rubbing it in my face. It's not that I can't stand criticism, but there comes a point all has been said and further talk serves no purpose. Time to move on. I think we've arived at that time.</p>
  		<p>The plan as I quickly outlined it was that I envision people being in charge of their sections of LFS and have control over it, without my supervision and don't need to wait for me to make a decision. There are a number of cut-n-dry sections: toolchain, bootable system, the real core programs and the not-so-core-but-nice-to-have programs. This last category consists of the most packages so it probably a good candidate to be split up into smaller chunks.</p>
  		<p>Other than packages there are areas such as the general structure of the book (that what Alex is <a href="">currently working on</a>).</p>
  		<p>So, is anybody interested in helping out at all and wants to take on one of the things mentioned above?</p>
  		<p>Even if you don't want to take on a role like this being in charge, if you still want to contribute by testing CVS stuff, testing proposed bug fixes and then submitting your ideas/proposals and all that other stuff also let me know. You'd be a regular contributor as opposed to the occasional report when you happen to come across something. A regular contributor could be asked upon to help out doing a test run of something. I guess contributor isn't a good term, but it'll do, lacking a better one.</p>
  		<p>Discussion starts at <a href="">lfs-dev</a>.</p>
  Title: Let's open a can of worms, shall we?
  Author: Jessie Tie-Ten-Quee
  Date: 2003/08/10
  Id: canofworms
  		<p>This project has <strong>always</strong> been about the community; at least for me, and a very large portion of us.  Hence, I want to open a can of worms, and let everyone in on it.  Sounds fun, eh?</p>
  		<p><strong>puts on his asbestos suit for good measure, woohoo!</strong></p>
  		<p>I've been spending alot of time talking to everyone i've had a chance too about LFS in it's current state and it's future.  And everyone seems to say the same thing, except nobody has ever acted upon it... soooooo;</p>
  		<p>Gerard, Every single contributor that i've talked to thinks your leadership (or lack of) in the past... sucks.  Isn't it about time you consider the possibility of creating a team/group of people that can lead the project (as a hole) for the future?  Because frankly, we haven't been moving forward.</p>
  		<p><strong>big breath people, clam down, allright =P</strong></p>
  		<p>Yes, we are all aware and understand that the primary reason has been your lack of time.  But you have to realize and accept that using that as an excuse is only hurting and hindering the project.  If you don't have enough time to properly lead, the least that you can do, is allow others todo so.</p>
  		<p><strong>waits for everyone to take another deep breath</strong></p>
  		<p>There are less then a dozen people with direct responsiblity over LFS, and a few have allready given that up and others are starting too.  If something isn't done, this project is going to continue to loose it's <strong>most</strong> valuable and long-time contributors.</p>
  		<p>...And I'm tired that this is holding the project back.</p>
  		<p>The last couple of times we've had discussion's, it usually ended with you saying, "I want to/will fix this, I just need more time".  However, decisions needs to be made on a daily basis on howto deal and fix issues/problems when they are brought up, but as things are now, we're lucky if they are dealt with at all.</p>
  		<p>This project has grown so much that any single person cannot possiblity lead and manage everything properly, <strong>especially</strong> if enough time is not dedicated to the task.</p>
  		<p>Do I have to write down and explain all the reasons why this is so?  I don't think so, because you're quite aware of this.. but up untill now, nothing's been done about it.</p>
  		<p>Gerard, i'm not looking for an apology-I never was.  I am however looking for a solution to the problem, because i'm sick and tired of watching this project continue to grumble apart from the inside.</p>
  		<p>My only hope is that everyone that reads this, takes the time to properly <strong>think</strong> about it, before jumping to anything or responding, because this is a very important issues, and should be treated as such.  (:</p>
  		<p>In either case, these are my honest feelings and opinions, and I don't mean any disrespect, this just seemed the most straight-forward way of getting something <strong>done</strong>.</p> 
  		<p>Discuss this at <a href="">lfs-dev</a></p>
  Title: Printed BLFS Book
  Author: Gerard Beekmans
  Date: 2003/08/06
  Id: printedblfsbook
  		<p>The publisher who printed & published the LFS book has shown interested in doing the same thing for the BLFS book and he's interested, if at all possible. publishing it around October.</p>
  		<p>I know it's not a lot of notice I realize. Also seeing they also want to see if the next LFS book (5.0) can be published around the same time (possible a bundle, LFS+BLFS combined in one book). I'm not sure what's special about October, but it has something to do with that time of year being statistically a good time in the year to release these kind of books. The wheather gets colder, people tend to stay at home more and generally have more time to take on an extended project such as LFS+BLFS would be.</p>
  		<p>So guys, how long do you anticipate needing to whip the BLFS book into shape for publishing? Submission format is PDF and our current XML2PDF generations don't create a good enoug PDF. For the LFS book I converted the XML to LaTeX and used the latex2pdf conversion which does a much better job, also seeing we're going to need to specify custom paper sizes, margins and all that fun stuff.</p>
  		<p>I wouldn't recommend doing an xml2latex conversion the way I did for LFS. We had better get that new XML we've been talking on lfs-dev started soon. Then it's a simple matter of creating a stylesheet that converts XML to LaTeX using the previous lfs-book-latex template I have here.</p>
  		<p>All in all it would be great to get the BLFS book published. All proceeds will, just as with the LFS book, go back into the project. This effectively means it'll pay for the monthly co-location facility bills.</p>
  		<p>I'd like to come up with a deadline date asap so we can start planning, get the ball rolling, etc. Where I can I will help out of course, mostly with getting the format right for printing, etc. Actual book editing will still be up to the designated BLFS editors. I'll be busy myself with the LFS Book getting that into shape (a lot of work to be done there too).</p>
  		<p>You can read the discussion at <a href="">blfs-dev</a> and <a href="">lfs-dev</a>.</p>
  Title: New website design
  Author: Jeroen Coumans
  Date: 2003/07/25
  Id: newwebsitedesign
  		<p>The LFS team is proud to present the new website! There were some disadvantages with the old site which are adressed in this new design.</p>
  			<li>The website now uses semantically correct and valid XHTML-1.1 and CSS-2 throughout the entire site (check it for yourself with the button's at the bottom). A new look is simply a matter of adjusting the stylesheet. The site is optimized for Unix browsers, such as <a href="">Mozilla</a> and <a href="">Konqueror</a>, and is more friendly for text browsers, such as <a href="">lynx</a>.</li>
  			<li>We've tried to reduce the load on the main LFS server. First of all, <a href="../becomemirror.html" title="Learn how to become a mirror">mirror usage</a> is now enforced from the main section pages. Thanks to the use of relative links, mirrors can keep a copy of the entire site. A new initiative is the use of <a href="packages.html">P2P network links</a> for downloading the LFS tarballs. Right now this is a volunteer effort, but is well on its way to becoming the most reliable method of getting the packages.</li>
  			<li>Together with the fresh look comes a fresh navigation system. In graphical browsers you can navigate quickly to each LFS project with the top links. On the right column you'll always see the site-wide navigation links, while the left column is reserved for project-specific links. Be sure to check out the <a href="../accesskeys.html">accessibility statement</a>, which tells you how to use keyboard shortcuts to navigate the website. In text browsers you'll see a number of skip-links have been added so you can quickly navigate through the website. You'll also be pleasantly surprised when printing the website.</li>
  			<li>The website's focus has shifted towards being more of a central portal for LFS and the community. The most visible change towards this goal is the inclusion of news pages for each section. These will inform you of new hints, recent changes in the books and, of course, book releases. The pages contain entries which are created by scripts which <a href="../website.html#todo">parse LFS and BLFS CVS changelogs</a>. To stay informed of all website changes, you can view <a href="../website.html#changelog">the dynamically generated changelog.</a></li>
  			<li>Some sections have rewritten or new content. For example, the <a href="../hints/news.html">hints section</a> now has additional instructions on <a href="../hints/howtowrite.html">how to write</a> hints, <a href="../hints/submit.html">how to submit</a> them and even <a href="../hints/adoptahint.html">how to take over other people's hints</a>! The <a href="../alfs/news.html">ALFS</a> section now also lists other people's build scripts next to its own official Automated LFS system. </li>
  			<li>As you can see, there are lots of additional goodies hidden on the website. The best thing to do is to start surfing! Please send all comments, positive and negative, to <a href="" title="Mail us your suggestions and thoughts about this website">the website mailing list</a>. Also use that list if you find any bugs in this site, whether it's a browser not displaying pages properly or an orphaned link. Please include some information about your browser and the resolution you're using. </li>
  		<p>There's more information available at the <a href="../website.html">website information page</a></p>
  Title: Mailing list software changes
  Author: Gerard Beekmans
  Date: 2003/07/24
  Id: mail_change
  		<p>Tomorrow I'm going to start the process of moving all the mailinglists to Mailman management. When a list is being moved I need to disable it in Postfix and change the aliases, as well as move the archive over to Mailman. This will take some time, especially the initial archiving (Mailman keeps archives (html and mbox) up-to-date as emails arrive, so before the list is opened again, the archives have to be in place first).</p>
  		<p>I'll send a message to the list I'm working on so you don't have to bother trying to email it. It'll bounce.</p>
  		<p>Then there's the matter of filtering on you guys' end. I don't see a way to make Mailman use the X-List: header so I'm afraid you're going to have to change your email filters. Instead of filtering by X-List, you'll need to filter by List-Id. Here's a regex example for procmail which will filter all messages from lfs-book:</p>
  		<code>* ^List-Id: .*<></code>
  		<p>So that's listname<strong>.</strong>, not listname<strong>@</strong></p>
  		<p>Examples: <code></code>, <code></code>, <code></code></p>
  		<p><em>Update:</em> the <a href="../mail.html">mail instructions page</a> has been updated.</p>
  Title: Logo contest
  Author: Gerard Beekmans
  Date: 2003/06/25
  Id: logocontest
  		<p>Together with the website facelift we'll be holding an LFS Logo contest. I thought it'd be nice to throw in a small prize as an extra incentive and "thank you" to the winner.</p>
  		<p>The prize is going to be a brand new book called "UNIX Systems Programming" which is the anticipated update of the mid-1990's UNIX programming classic "Practical UNIX Programming" by Kay and Steven Robins (same authors who wrote this new book).</p>
  		<p>This completely updated book demonstrates how to design complex software to get the most from the UNIX operating system, whether using Linux. Solaris, Mac OS X or another POSIX-based system. This new edition features all-new chapters on the Web, UPD and server performance. The book thoroughly explores communication, concurrency and multi-threading. It also deals with UNIX process files/special files, signal/timers, POSIX threads, semaphores, IPC, TCP/UDP/multicast and more.</p>
  		<p>It also contains exercises throughout the chapters to test if you can put to work what you just learned.</p>
  		<p>I'm reading through it right now for work and will be writing a review and posting a sample chapter up at when I'm finished. And, don't worry - I won't be giving the winner this used book. I was sent an extra copy as a promotial item and to hand out to whom I want.</p>
  		<p>Oh, the book is even in hard-cover.</p>
  		<p>There is no hard set deadline for the logo. We're working on a new LFS website design which will take some time. Ideally the winning logo should be picked out around the time the website is done (subscribe to the website at mailinglist if you want to stay abreast of progress).</p>
  		<p>I only have one book to give away, so the winner of the LFS logo will get the book. But it would still be nice to have (slightly) different logo's for ALFS, BLFS and Hints that will be more in line with that project's 'theme'.</p>
  Title: Developers wiki opened
  Author: Nicholas Leippe
  Date: 2003/06/21
  Id: wiki_opened
  		<p>I've set up the wiki on the sf account, and seeded it with some entries from recent issues on the list.  This should be enough to give an idea of what can be done.</p>
  		<p>Since there wasn't much enthusiasm when this was first mentioned a while back, I don't expect everyone to rush to it.  (/me hears groans, "yet another place to look!")</p>
  		<p>Please, at least read the introduction and purpose on the homepage and give it a chance.  I really do think a wiki can help LFS be that much better.</p>
  		<p>I'd like to give it a week or two for the active contributors on lfs-dev to play with it and add to it before mentioning it to lfs-support.</p>
  		<p>Well, anyways, here it is:</p>
  		<p><a href=""></a></p>
  		<p>Nick (irc: kamikaze)</p>
  		<p>p.s. I <em>am</em> willing to maintain it as necessary--so no additional admin burden on anyone else.</p>

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