Site problem with Konqueror as well

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Sat Nov 29 01:08:10 PST 2003

Hi Stuart Harris - Chief Systems Engineer Intermedia. You said the 
following on 11/29/03 00:45:
> Why don't we use cross-browser compliant CSS ? 
> A good example is
> Would be easier than making it browser specific... 

Like I said, if it concerns floats then Konqueror is the Netscape4 of 
our time. I don't want to convert all pages to table layouts. This is 
largely a temporary problem though; Safari has little problems with each 
layout. Also, less then 3% of our visitors uses Konqueror; more then 50% 
uses Gecko or Opera. The others use IE.
I'm willing to accomodate Konqueror, but not at the expense of 98% of 
our visitors. Therefore, I think a bit of javascript which points 
Konqueror to a working stylesheet is the best solution.

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