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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Fri Nov 28 09:06:56 PST 2003

Hi Anderson Lizardo. You said the following on 11/28/03 17:39:
> I'm using Firebird now, so I didn't noted the problem. The strange thing 
> is that even xmllint validated the XHTML code as valid, so my question 
> is: on XHTML, tags with empty content (eg. "<script></script>") can be 
> written like empty element tags ("<script />")?

Seems like it's valid according to the DTD, but badly supported in 

> The code is fixed now. BTW, Jeroen, can you edit the 
> archive-{top,bottom}.html templates and change URLs like
> to absolute ones like

Great, thanks! I've just updated the archive templates; all use absolute 
links now.

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