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Anderson Lizardo andersonlizardo at
Fri Nov 28 08:39:46 PST 2003

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> Hi Stuart Harris - Chief Systems Engineer Intermedia. You said the
> following on 11/27/03 16:16:
> > Why not use slightly more absolute links.... ?
> The problem isn't absolute or relative links but the self-closing
> javascript. It should be <script ..></script> instead of <script ..
> /> Somehow, the erroneous version is used for the news files. Like I
> said, it's probably mungled by one of the scripts which generate the
> site; which means I have to wait until Anderson responds (or if you
> know perl; checkout the www module and have a look for yourself).

I'm using Firebird now, so I didn't noted the problem. The strange thing 
is that even xmllint validated the XHTML code as valid, so my question 
is: on XHTML, tags with empty content (eg. "<script></script>") can be 
written like empty element tags ("<script />")?

Anyway, you're right, it was a problem with When in 
archiving mode, the script parses the templates looking for relative 
links and modify them when apropriate. The parser (HTML::Parser) does 
not differentiate empty element tags (eg. "<br />") from tags with 
empty content (eg. "<p></p>"), so I had to add a regex for, when find a 
tag with empty content, convert it to empty element tag. Wrong 
assumption, I see now.

The code is fixed now. BTW, Jeroen, can you edit the 
archive-{top,bottom}.html templates and change URLs like


to absolute ones like


The script will convert them back to relative URLs while 
parsing the files. This format will simplify some parts of the script a 

Anderson Lizardo

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