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Wed Nov 26 18:15:19 PST 2003

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  Added zippo to IRC users list, and altered the description for the lfs-support channel slightly
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  diff -u -r1.37 -r1.38
  --- irc.html	22 Nov 2003 13:46:01 -0000	1.37
  +++ irc.html	27 Nov 2003 02:15:19 -0000	1.38
  @@ -54,7 +54,7 @@
   				<li>The main LFS channel is #LFS.</li>
   				<li>The ALFS people hang out on #ALFS.</li>
   				<li>Everybody who's looking Beyond LFS uses #BLFS.</li>
  -				<li>If you need some help with your installation, use #LFS-support.</li>
  +				<li>If you're looking for competent help without using the lists, try #LFS-support.</li>
   		<p>You will need an <abbr title="Internet Relay Chat">IRC</abbr> client in order to connect to the <abbr title="Internet Relay Chat">IRC</abbr> server. A widely used console based client is <a href="" title="irssi homepage">irssi</a>, and a widely used X based client is <a href="" title="x-chat homepage">X-Chat</a>.</p>
   	<h3>Who's who on #lfs</h3>
  @@ -79,6 +79,7 @@
   					<tr><td>Remenic</td><td>Richard Stellingwerff</td></tr>
   					<tr><td>Ronald</td><td>Ronald Hummelink</td></tr>
   					<tr><td>roryo</td><td>Chris Lynn</td></tr>
  +					<tr><td>zippo / oppiz</td><td>Jason Scott</td></tr>
   		<p>If you want to be added to this list, catch <em>J_Man</em> in #lfs or #lfs-support and ask him to add you to it.  If for some reason he isn't around, <a href="">e-mail</a> him or <a href="">the website mailing list</a>.</p>

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