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Wed Nov 26 13:04:42 PST 2003

Hi Anderson Lizardo. You said the following on 11/26/03 21:44:
> Jeroen Coumans wrote:
>>Can you wrap it all in a <div class="oldnews">; that makes the
>>styling a lot easier. A header is a good idea; probably should be in
>>a <h3>.
> Done.

Just added the styling; hope you like it.

> Thank you, too. I just switched to Firebird (Konqueror is too buggy, not 
> only for LFS website), and the new site layout(s) look great! I 
> personally like more the "two columns" layout.

Konqueror is great but it's floating support is really buggy. I wish 
they were faster in picking up Apples' patches; even KDE-CVS is buggy. 
Safari OTOH has only one minor issue with the layouts.
Even the kde people know this, since they use tables for their own 
layout. Wuzzies! :) (btw. less then 1% of the people tries to access the 
site with Konqueror. Still accounts for roughly 5000 people, so I really 
should find a solution. If only the stylesheet selection script would 

> Great job, too :)

Thanks :)

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