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Anderson Lizardo andersonlizardo at
Sat Nov 22 10:43:51 PST 2003

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Anderson Lizardo wrote:
> > When we do a cvs commit, a e-mail is sent to the list with the
> > changes made. Maybe it's possible to modify the script that does
> > this (if this is a script) for, when we commit,
> > it exports this file from CVS to /usr/bin.
> Do you actually need to update /usr/bin on every commit, or just when
> the fcron website update needs to run? If the latter would be
> acceptable, just have fcron run a small "wrapper" script that gets
> the latest from CVS and then runs it. You wouldn't
> even need to leave a copy in /usr/bin if you had no other need for
> it.

I like this idea. Jeroen, I will write this wrapper (if you don't mind) 
and send it to this list before uploading it to the server, so you can 
make the necessary changes.

Kevin, thanks for the nice tip :-).
Anderson Lizardo

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