Website CVS closed

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Sat Nov 22 10:01:31 PST 2003

Anderson Lizardo wrote:

> When we do a cvs commit, a e-mail is sent to the list with the changes 
> made. Maybe it's possible to modify the script that does this (if this 
> is a script) for, when we commit, it exports this 
> file from CVS to /usr/bin.

Do you actually need to update /usr/bin on every commit, or just when 
the fcron website update needs to run? If the latter would be 
acceptable, just have fcron run a small "wrapper" script that gets the 
latest from CVS and then runs it. You wouldn't even 
need to leave a copy in /usr/bin if you had no other need for it.

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