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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Sat Nov 22 08:14:09 PST 2003

Hi Roel Neefs. You said the following on 11/22/03 16:50:
> Hi Jeroen,
> It seems to work perfectly in mozilla, but far from perfect in 
> konqueror, (using the kde cvs from yesterday) and tried on a stable one 

Yep, I'm very aware of these issues, in fact I just updated the browser 
table to reflect this. It's also pretty much impossible to make 
Konqueror work in these stylesheets. That's why I provided the alternate 
stylesheet; for Konqueror just select the three-column layout.
(checks Konqueror...)

Grumble, it seems that the links don't work in Konqueror! Google says 
that it isn't yet supported :( Konqueror is a major PITA from website 
developer POV...

Okay, you can still select alternate stylesheets via "View/Use 
Stylesheet". I'll see if I can use the PHP styleswitch method, although 
some mirrors will need to enable PHP for it (not all had it enabled when 
I checked).

Jeroen Coumans (jeroen at
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