Rearranging some files

Anderson Lizardo andersonlizardo at
Tue Nov 18 16:54:48 PST 2003

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> Currently we have templates and scripts all over the place, I want to
> rearrange that to be a bit more logical. Scripts will be in
> www/scripts/ , templates will be in www/templates. Also, templates

Some scripts (maybe and, I'm not sure) may require 
modification to work on this location. I will check all scripts for 

> should not be named .html but just extension-less or .txt; this would
> make the xmllint checking a bit easier too. I also want to integrate
> into CVS; this will make website generation and
> updates to this script a lot easier. Perhaps we can also move all
> news files to templates/news/. Suggestions for other reorganisational
> things are also welcome of course, might as well get everything
> correct in one go. Considering the possible introduction of a CMS,
> what would make the implementation of that easier?

I don't know right now. I didn't look Slashcode yet, but I think that 
not much can be done to facilitate the migration. To be true, a CMS 
implementation will require some (hard) work, so I don't recommend we 
think on it by now. Just some tasks we will need to do: create a 
mime2mysql conversion script, to automatically readd old news to the 
CMS database and enable Perl and/or PHP on all mirrors.

Anderson Lizardo

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