Stylesheets for the website

Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Mon Nov 17 16:56:47 PST 2003

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> A screenshot would be very helpful. You can send it to me personally or 
> give me an URL, whichever you prefer.

Try for the URL (~18K).  If that 
doesn't work let me know privately and I'll email you a copy.

It does look like the page is expecting the logo to be there.  The image 
isn't listed in the DOM inspector; I assume this is because it's 
specified in the CSS.

> Can you try a stable release and see if
> it has the same issues? And if it doesn, what's your screen resolution, 
> DPI and font-size settings?
> Thanks,

The stable release (1.5 tarball) works beautifully.  Looks like I 
managed to pull a buggy Mozilla.  Oh well, no big deal; this is the 
first time that this CVS pull has bitten me.  ;-)

I'm running at 1280x1024, and the above screenshot is close to the full 
width of the screen.  DPI is 103x108, and the fonts are as follows:

Serif: adobe-helvetica
Sans serif: adobe-times
All others: adobe-courier

All (I think...) at 12 point.  I do have "allow documents to use other 
fonts" selected, too, in case that matters.

Time to re-pull Mozilla, I think.  Sorry about the false alarm.  :-)

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