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Fri Nov 14 05:28:04 PST 2003

I said the following on 11/13/03 18:22:
> Hi Richard A Downing FBCS. You said the following on 11/13/03 17:49:
>> But whatever you do, someone won't like it.  All the revised
>> 'offerings' are better than the current three column - split menu
>> page, it makes me cross-eyed!  My favourite web pages are simple
>> - I really can't stand the msn/yahoo style - and I'm pleased you
>> didn't try to emulate them.
> It's possible to satisfy 99% by offering alternate stylesheets. Although 
>  that's a lot of work...
The old three-column layout (navigation-content-navigation) and the new 
two-column (content-navigation) layouts are now selectable. 
Mozilla/Opera can select alternate stylesheets with browser controls. 
All browsers can also select alternate stylesheets via the links in the 
footer; this will also set a cookie which stores the selected layout. 
This method is implemented as specified in

If this is an acceptible solution, I can push this into all files.

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