Rearranging some files

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Fri Nov 14 02:08:15 PST 2003

I plan to make some changes to the website file structure. The goal is 
to simplify the layout of the CVS directory and the scripts which glue 
the website together.

Currently we have templates and scripts all over the place, I want to 
rearrange that to be a bit more logical. Scripts will be in www/scripts/ 
, templates will be in www/templates. Also, templates should not be 
named .html but just extension-less or .txt; this would make the xmllint 
checking a bit easier too. I also want to integrate 
into CVS; this will make website generation and updates to this script a 
lot easier. Perhaps we can also move all news files to templates/news/. 
Suggestions for other reorganisational things are also welcome of 
course, might as well get everything correct in one go. Considering the 
possible introduction of a CMS, what would make the implementation of 
that easier?

Since this has consequences for the integrity of CVS, the site and the 
update-website script itself, we have to consider a "plan of attack". 
First I'd like to know how what's the best procedure to move files from 
a CVS POV. cvs remove && cvs add will also remove all version history, 
which is rather inconvenient.
Secondly, once the conversion takes place, CVS will have to be frozen 
until everything is functional again. I'll send a message to the website 
list once I'll start moving things, so just check your mail before you 
commit. This won't happen until next week though.

Jeroen Coumans (jeroen at
FAQ and Website Maintainer

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