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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Thu Nov 13 18:09:47 PST 2003

Hi Craig Colton. You said the following on 11/14/03 02:59:
> Boundaries are good for me. I'm better off working to something thats already 
> in place - makes it more like problem-solving. And I like the colors.

Thanks :-)
I drew and painted a lot when I was younger, so I have some aesthetic 

>>Kewl... now that I've moved the patches over to their own section,
>>perhaps we can use that logo for the patches section? But if you'd
>>rather make a bandaided penguin, that's cool too :-)
>  Heh,'re starting to get the hang of this thing, aren't you?

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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