Redesign concept

Craig Colton meerkats at
Thu Nov 13 17:59:29 PST 2003

> I like the job you've done with the logo's and if you have any ideas for
> a nice color palette, I'll be sure to include them. Like I said, I'm
> trying to find some colors to complement the new purplish blue. Or if
> you have other ideas for a nice base color, that's fine too.
Boundaries are good for me. I'm better off working to something thats already 
in place - makes it more like problem-solving. And I like the colors.
> Kewl... now that I've moved the patches over to their own section,
> perhaps we can use that logo for the patches section? But if you'd
> rather make a bandaided penguin, that's cool too :-)

 Heh,'re starting to get the hang of this thing, aren't you?


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