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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Thu Nov 13 07:40:53 PST 2003

Hi Richard A Downing FBCS. You said the following on 11/13/03 16:11:
> I really dislike this two column stuff.  It just makes a
> cluttered look. Someone said two-col didn't work on the web, and
> I agree.

I said that! :)
However, I meant that to apply for two columns which lead into each 
other, like a newspaper article. Multiple columns for different types of 
content is often used. The news page really puts me in a dilemma. On the 
one hand, I agree that single column is less cluttered, on the other 
hand, I don't want to prioritize news. If I update the general news 
section, it goes by allmost unnoticed because you have to scroll to see 
it. Same thing for the CVS logs.
Perhaps a better solution would be to drop the distinction between 
project news and general news, although that requires quite some 
changes. Thoughts?

> I liked the drop-down menus in the other version a lot.

I liked it too but it was only working in very recent Mozilla browsers 
(>1.5). Seems to be a bug in the Linux versions because Windows Mozilla 
has no problems from 1.0>. Anyway, the drop-down menus also require 
markup changes. Rest assured, once I have a decently supported way which 
is widely supported I'll implement it. So don't worry, the drop-down 
will probably return.

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