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Wed Nov 12 06:40:55 PST 2003

On Wed, 12 Nov 2003, Jeroen Coumans wrote:

> Hi Bill Maltby, LFS Organizational. You said the following on 11/11/03
> 22:15:
> >><snip>

> > Using a binary install of NS Nav 6.2.3 on my RH 6.2 machine, looks
> > pretty nice. I like the overall look and feel.
> I take it you liked the semi-fixed content width too? Or do you fance
> the current fluid navigation more?

What the new shows is very attractive to me. Partly being a pseudo-speed
reader, this helps me flow quite quickly.


> > Can the ones above the header be enlarged to about the same size as
> > those below the header without offending the esthetics of the page? The
> ><snip>

> Take a look again; I've made them exactly like the general navigation.
> Seems good for consistency too since both navigation lists transcendent
> project-specific navigation. Also, did you know you can change your font
> sizes with [ctrl]+[+]? You can also set a minimum font-size in capable
> browsers... (all browsers except IE).

Yes. Nicely visible now, even at max resolution.

> >>All comments welcome of course.

> > Overall, I think it is nice enhancement. One thing I noticed that
> > sparked a thought. As I scroll down the news, the menu on the right
> > scrolls with it. It would be handy if that could stay center on the
> > screen (I guess this is separate "frames"). Not a biggie, just happend
> > to think of it as all that blank space appeared on the right as I
> > scrolled.
> I could fix the location of the right menu but it would be at the
> bottom, otherwise it would overlap the header. Have a look, it's a
> pretty trivial change. I don't like it but I can see how it's useful.

Looking at 9:35 AM EST, I see no remnants of the right menu anywhere.

> > Wording: would still lke to see "Report a Bug" changed to something that
> ><snip>

> > Also, I would still like to see patches right there too. I feel I don't
> ><snip>

> Have adjusted that, will commit in a sec.

Maybe I'm to soon and all the stuff isn't updated yet? I'll wait 10-15
minutes, clear my cache and look again.

> > Overall, I like the more compact layout. Of course I would still prefer
> > that *everything* was the way *I* wanted.  ;)
> Create your own stylesheet to override the one online :)

Ha! And thereby go aginst my credo of avoiding wasted work and
duplication of effort when my wheel is not *really* any rounder!  :)

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