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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Wed Nov 12 03:53:33 PST 2003

Hi Craig Colton. You said the following on 11/12/03 03:05:

> Hey -- I like it. Maybe the single column tends to make things simpler for 
> your eyes - it seems easier to look at. In regards to one comment - maybe you 
> can make the "body" wider to take up some space on the right side. _Some_ 
> wasted space, of course, is a good thing.

Greg has pretty high resolution so he noticed it sooner then most of the 
rest @ 1024x768. I expect the max-width will be a bit bigger.

> The color scheme is very nice. You might try an amber for the "mouseover" - it 
> may pick up the amber in the logo (selfish, I know) - you'll have to judge 
> that suggestion, though.  You should keep your "panels" from before for the 
> right side links though, those are a nice touch.
> The boxes for the links in the "head" are a great improvement, and the 
> drop-downs at the top are a very cool addition. The "Linux From Scratch" 
> lettering in the banner has less contrast than before. Maybe its too subtle 
> now?  I should probably experiment if you decide to go forward with the new 
> colors, although its not too bad the way it is. Nice work.

Thanks. I like the new colors (obviously, otherwise I wouldn't have 
chosen them). The header color can be adjusted a tad though. Why don't 
you experiment a bit with some colors, perhaps add some green? IIRC you 
applied the amber in the logo because I did it in a mouse over :)

Oh yeah, when's your replacement for "le chef" due? I thought you wanted 
to change it because Gerard didn't like it?

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