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Tue Nov 11 19:23:29 PST 2003

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El Martes 11 de Noviembre de 2003 13:28, Gerard Beekmans escribió:
> In the interest of wanting things to be more trustworthy, my pubkey is
> on the LFS server now:

Got it and signed it.

> At least this way I can guarantee it's a correct one. I'll get it signed
> by other LFS developers too, once I figure out how to get that done, and
> such a key propgated (keep the same filename and just replace the
> existing one with a new one or something else)

It' something like this (key=public key): the other LFS developers need to 
obtain, import, sign and trust your key and give it back to you. Then you 
import those returned keys to update your keyring with their sigs and now 
you can export and upload your newly updated key to

All of this can be done a little easier if you send your key to a keyserver 
like hkp:// or hkp:// with 'gpg --send-keys 
<yours> --keyserver <one_of_those>' and, say once a week, update your 
keyring with 'gpg --recv-keys <your_ID> --keyserver <the_same_one?>'

Or you can go to to find an excellent GnuPG 
frontend for KDE. It'll make your life easier :)

Hope you understand me, otherwise scream and I'll try to clarify :-)

BTW, my key is on, here's my ID and fingerprint:
F95C 56D5 5871 7B34 0469 70CA 9DA6 E998 4945 6899

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Ricardo Barberis
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