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Bill Maltby, LFS Organizational bill at
Tue Nov 11 13:15:01 PST 2003

On Tue, 11 Nov 2003, Jeroen Coumans wrote:

> Yeah I know, the current design is barely a couple of months old,
> consider this a refinement (also based on the discussion with Bill some
> time age):

Well, I'm no expert in those areas, as you know, but I would be happy to
have something satisfactory after the 10th try. How folks can make those
esthetic judgements and do so nicely is beyond me.

> All these changes are accomplished by changing 1 file
> (style/advanced.css), including the menu (ok, the images have the
> background colors adjusted).
> Obvious changes:
> * content has a semi-fixed left-centered width ( width: 70%; min-width:
> 30em; max-width: 50em;). This should improve legibility.

Using a binary install of NS Nav 6.2.3 on my RH 6.2 machine, looks
pretty nice. I like the overall look and feel.

> * General navigation is condensed into a menu just below the header.
> This makes it more obviously a part of the "standard" navigation, just
> like the section links above the header

Can the ones above the header be enlarged to about the same size as
those below the header without offending the esthetics of the page? The
ones below are nicely visable (maybe aided by proximity to the white
news column) while the ones above are almost unnoticed. This is with my
screen resolution at second lowest (i.e. largest fonts). At higher res,
the ones below still stand out nicely while the top ones become even
less noticable.

> * Project navigation is right-centered. This makes content more
> prominent and reduces scrollbar-navigation mouse movements.
> * Revised colors. I like blue better then grey. The orange is mostly
> gone too. It's a testament for Craig's logo's that they still look good
> despite the change of background color, although Craig may want to
> adjust their colors slightly if this palette is regarded better.

One of the folks complained about the links not being noticable enough.
As far as I can tell, they are ok (I like the way they go to red when I
drag the mouse onto them - neat trick I think). And even though they
tend to "pastel" shades before and after using them, they still seem
reasonably noticable and clear to me. I've no complaint about them even
at higher res using my bad eyes.

> Anyway, I call this a concept to see what other people think of it.
> Currently only works in Gecko browsers (Mozilla, Firebird etc), Opera
> works partially and Konqueror doesn't. Maybe 3.2 is better. IE has no
> hope to function with this menu implementation short of javascript
> additions, which means adjusting all html. I'm considering some
> alternatives.
> All comments welcome of course.

Overall, I think it is nice enhancement. One thing I noticed that
sparked a thought. As I scroll down the news, the menu on the right
scrolls with it. It would be handy if that could stay center on the
screen (I guess this is separate "frames"). Not a biggie, just happend
to think of it as all that blank space appeared on the right as I

Wording: would still lke to see "Report a Bug" changed to something that
does make one think it's *only* for reporting, but is also for inquiry.
My pref is either jsut "Bugs", "Bugzilla" or "Report/Query Bugs" or

Also, I would still like to see patches right there too. I feel I don't
need to go through a book to see/select the appropriate patch all the
time. Often I'm working with a local copy of the book (maybe text) and
when I hit the site, I'd like to click "Patches" and go straight there
(or "Pick a Mirror" and into its copy of the patches dir, if thats

Overall, I like the more compact layout. Of course I would still prefer
that *everything* was the way *I* wanted.  ;)

I think after the "website"-monitoring folks have their say, and you do
any adjustments, you might want to give the *-dev lists a shot too. I
think it should garner mosty positive responses.

Good work! :))

Bill Maltby,
LFS Organizational
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