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  Spanish and Belgium mirror now contain Gerard's GPG-signed lfs package, which is also used for the P2P initiative.
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  --- packages.html	9 Nov 2003 22:49:37 -0000	1.64
  +++ packages.html	11 Nov 2003 00:48:36 -0000	1.65
  @@ -65,8 +65,8 @@
   	<h4>The LFS 5.0 package</h4>
   		<h5>A tarball of all required files needed for LFS 5.0:</h5>
  -			<li><a href="">lfs-packages-5.0.tar</a>, <a href="">MD5sum</a> (HTTP, spanish mirror)</li>
  -			<li><a href="">lfs-packages-5.0.tar</a>, <a href="">MD5sum</a> (FTP, belgium mirror).</li>
  +			<li><a href="">lfs-packages-5.0.tar</a>, <a href="">GPG Signature</a>, <a href="">Gerard Beekmans GPG key</a> (HTTP, spanish mirror)</li>
  +			<li><a href="">lfs-packages-5.0.tar</a>, <a href="">GPG Signature</a>, <a href="">Gerard Beekmans GPG key</a> (FTP, belgium mirror).</li>
   			<li><a href="">lfs-packages-5.0.tar</a>, <a href="">MD5sum</a> (HTTP, provided by <a href="">Intermedia</a>).</li>
   			<li><a href="">Single packages</a>, <a href="">MD5sum</a> (HTTP, spanish mirror)</li>
   			<li><a href="">Single packages</a>, <a href="">MD5sums</a> (FTP, belgium mirror)</li>
  1.46      +0 -2      www/lfs/news-2003.txt
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  --- news-2003.txt	5 Nov 2003 21:28:32 -0000	1.45
  +++ news-2003.txt	11 Nov 2003 00:48:36 -0000	1.46
  @@ -9,9 +9,7 @@
   Date: 2003/11/05
   	<p>The Linux From Scratch community is pleased to announce the release of LFS-5.0. This major milestone features a new method with strong emphasis on building a correct compilation environment and base libraries independent from the host system. Release 5.0 features the Linux kernel version 2.4.22, the GNU C Library (glibc) 2.3.2, the GNU Compiler Collection (gcc) 3.3.1 and a bootloader change from LILO to GRUB, amongst other package upgrades. The book's explanatory texts have also been enhanced, providing an even richer learning experience while you build your own customised, hand-crafted Linux installation.</p>
   	<p>You can <a href="view/stable/">read the book online</a>, or you can <a href="downloads/stable/">download the book</a> to read locally.</p>
   	<p>This marks yet another great leap for Linux From Scratch, and we hope that it will bring the benefits to more users, sysadmins, and developers than ever before.</p>
  1.22      +1 -1      www/acknowledgements.html
  Index: acknowledgements.html
  RCS file: /home/cvsroot/www/acknowledgements.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.21
  retrieving revision 1.22
  diff -u -r1.21 -r1.22
  --- acknowledgements.html	9 Nov 2003 13:26:28 -0000	1.21
  +++ acknowledgements.html	11 Nov 2003 00:48:36 -0000	1.22
  @@ -125,7 +125,7 @@
   		<li><a href="">Ian Chilton</a> for maintaining the Hints project</li>
   		<li><a href="">Marc Heerdink</a>: LFS Book editor.</li>
   		<li><a href="">Seth W. Klein</a>: LFS FAQ Creator.</li>
  -		<li><a href="">Garrett LeSage</a>: Original <a href="../blfs/artwork/lfsbanner.png">LFS banner</a> creator.</li>
  +		<li><a href="">Garrett LeSage</a>: Original <a href="../blfs/artwork/lfs-banner.png">LFS banner</a> creator.</li>
   		<li><a href="">Simon Perreault</a>: Hints Project maintainer.</li>
   		<li><a href="">Geert Poels</a>: Original BLFS banner creator; based on the original LFS banner by Garrett LeSage.</li>
   		<li><a href="">Frank Skettino</a> at <a href="">OSWD</a>: Initial design of the old website.</li>

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